Summer Sewing Camps at Theatre NorthWest, FAQs

What are TNW’s Summer Sewing Camps?

  • The camps consist of half-day, week-long sessions where children and youth ages 7 to 18 can learn how to sew or learn new sewing skills through the creation of projects! The projects are designed to increase in difficulty as the campers progress through the week, and then further increase in difficulty in the following courses. The courses are skill, not age based. So, a non-sewer can theoretically start with Sewing for Beginners, progress on to Sewing for Intermediates, and then take the Advanced Sewing Camp and make all of the projects offered along the way. Some projects include: pin cushions, face masks (added last summer as a result of COVID-19), drawstring bags, backpacks, reversible aprons, pillow cases, and more.

Why should my child attend a Sewing Camp?

  • Sewing is a valuable skill that can be used for the rest of your child’s life. We make sure to teach a variety of skills, including hand sewing, sewing buttons, and how to read pattern pieces and instructions. By attending our camps, not only does your child learn new skills, they get to take home all of the projects that they make, and have fun!

How do they relate to theatre?

  • Our Summer Sewing Camps relate to theatre in several ways: we employ a costume designer during a traditionally slow time, giving them more work in their field. The program is also designed for the costume designer to talk about their work and education in costume design, as well as explain how each project is a step along the way to learning the skills necessary not only to sew but to become a designer. The Sewing Camp Leader often talks about/shows pictures of costumes that they have made, and will sometimes even wear their own projects to the camps.

How can I help/What can I donate?

  • We are always looking for donations of cotton fabrics for sewing, but also notions, thread, good scissors, sewing machines, etc. Basically anything to do with sewing, we will take off of your hands.

What does my child need to bring to the sewing camp?

  • Though campers are encouraged to bring any sewing supplies they have at home (especially if they have their own sewing machine so we can teach them how to use it), we will provide all necessary equipment and supplies. Campers can even take home their patterns and instructions to keep sewing at home!

Do you have COVID-19 protocols in place?

  • We have a very extensive COVID-19 safety protocol plan that was developed in conversations with WorkSafe BC. It can be viewed here.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

  • If you have any more questions or concerns, you can email, or call 250-563-6969X304