TNW Play Readings Infection Prevention and Exposure Control Measures

Daily Measures and Procedures:
Before Event:
• Measures will be emailed to all patrons who purchase tickets prior to the event
• At home, patrons must assess themselves for symptoms of common cold, influenza, COVID-19, or other respiratory diseases prior to going to Theatre NorthWest and stay home if they are ill
• TNW requires that patrons wear cloth or homemade masks to the event
• TNW recommends that patrons purchase tickets online through the website, in order to minimize on-site contact between patrons and staff
• Staff will assess themselves daily for symptoms of common cold, influenza, or COVID-19 prior to working and stay home if they are ill
• All surfaces with which patrons may come into contact will be cleaned and disinfected before the event takes place
• Occupancy limits will be posted for all spaces and are as follows:
– Lobby: 25 patrons
– House: maximum 50 audience members in seats
– Bathrooms: 1 at a time

Entering the Space:
• Everyone will enter and exit through labelled doors
• The floor will be taped at 6ft intervals from the box office to the box office door. The floor will also be taped with 6 ft markers from the ticket scanners to middle door and towards the accessibility door
• Patrons will be instructed to use hand sanitizer placed at the lobby entrances immediately upon entering the space
• Just past the hand sanitizer there will be programs that patrons can pick up
• If patrons did not purchase tickets online, they will proceed to the box office directly inside the box office door
– Patrons and staff will be separated by a plastic barrier
– Patrons will be encouraged to pay with credit or debit instead of cash, and to receive their tickets through email
• There will be tape on the floor to indicate 2m markers in case of a line at the box office, as well as arrows to indicate where to go after entering/tickets have been purchased

During the Event:
• Patrons will be directed to seats upon arrival by an Usher, who will ensure that groups sit at least 2m a part from each other
• Ushers will seat patrons quickly and prevent large lineups
• Programs: The BC Ministry of Health states, “There is no evidence that the COVID-19 virus is transmitted via textbooks, paper, or other paper-based products.” Thus, programs will be available and prepared by a person wearing a mask and gloves
• Programs will be available upon entrance to the lobby after the hand sanitizer station
• There will be a safety talk included in the pre-reading speech to ensure all patrons are aware of how to exit the theatre safely as well as act safely throughout the performance
• Actors will arrive separately from patrons and stay at least 2m away from each other whenever possible
• Actors will be seated at least 2m a part from each other during the reading, and will enter separately to ensure social distance
• Actors chairs will be placed at least 3m from the closest audience seating
• Ushers will ensure that patrons do not get up during the performance except if absolutely necessary
• There will be no intermission and no concession available

Leaving the Building:
• Everyone will exit through labelled doors
• To ensure that all patrons leave in a staggered manner to encourage social distancing of 2m, the preshow speech will remind patrons to remain 2m apart from other patrons and to leave in a staggered manner
• Floor will be taped to show patrons general pathways to the proper exit
• Actors/Artists will not be permitted to speak with friends or family after the show is over and will be told when the audience has left

• As the Play Readings will be between 1.5 and 2.5 hours long, patrons are encouraged to use the washroom at home before arrival to the theatre, and to only use the theatre washrooms if absolutely necessary
• If necessary, there are three washrooms in the space, only one patron or staff member will be allowed in each bathroom at a time and must wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before returning to the theatre

Cleaning and Disinfection of Space and Equipment Plan:
• The space and washrooms will be well stocked with hand-washing supplies, including plain hand soap, clean towels, paper towels, waste bins, and hand sanitizer
• All tables/work surfaces, door handles, light switches, faucet handles, chairs, and anything that is used or touched by a staff member or a patron will be disinfected before and after each event
• Lobby, house, stage, and washroom surfaces will be disinfected before and after each event


• Ferris/FOH:
– Cleaning, disinfecting and setting up before patrons arrive
– Sending safety procedures to patrons before event
– Posting safety procedures in the lobby
– Ensuring that all staff, artists, and patrons are following hygiene procedures
– Designated staff member to isolate any patrons who exhibit symptoms on-site and either tell the patron or another staff member that the patron must leave the premises
– Set up programs before any patrons arrive
– Operate the Box Office in a safe manner
– Tape the lobby for box office lines and traffic flow
– Wearing a mask whenever a patron is in the space and/or remaining behind the glass screen at the box office
– Ensuring that all patrons have left a valid phone number or email for contact tracing
– Disinfecting after the event
– Email:
– Phone: 250-563-6969X306 (lobby) 250-563-6969X304 (office)

• Marnie
– Pre-show speech outlining safety protocols for after the show is over, where to exit, etc.
– Scanning tickets
– Usher during the performance
– Email:
– Phone: 250-563-6969X305

• John
– Running lights from the booth


Please be advised that the TheatreNorth West Society Annual General Meeting will be held per the following:

DATE: Monday, November 16th 2020
TIME: 7 pm

All members wishing to attend the meeting either in person or via zoom must first register with Ferris at The zoom link will be sent to registered members on November 15th.

Members who feel comfortable coming in person must also pre-register by emailing Ferris at and will be sent COVID-19 safety protocols.

Election of officers:

Aaron Pitkethly
Hans Suhr
Don Zurowski