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Partnering with Theatre North West

TNW offers a variety of sponsorship programs to fit a range of needs and budgets. Please call our office so we can discuss the sponsorship benefits that TNW can provide for you and your company.

We would also be pleased to provide you with one of our Sponsorship Information Packages.

Call Marnie at 250-563-6969 or e-mail at gm@theatrenorthwest.com

Theatre North West is providing an uncommon service for the residents of North Central British Columbia: professional theatre of a calibre often enjoyed only in large cities. West of Ontario, there are only ten centers where regional theatres have been established – Prince George is one of them. TNW has a significant contribution to make to the richness of life in the city, and public response to our activities certainly supports this.

We know many in the city’s business sector share the public’s enthusiasm and support for our activities. We also know that through a TNW Sponsorship Program there are valuable marketing opportunities for companies to reach our audience on sympathetic territory and thus enhance their profile.

Theatre audiences and supporters, according to Decima Research, have higher than average incomes and levels of education. They are demographically diverse, imaginative, aware, and active. Theatre sponsorship provides the opportunity to reach highly valued customers and at the same time contribute to the richness and pleasure of life in our community.