Artistic Director Ted Price

1994/1995 –                                                          1995/1996 –
Heather Rose                                                        Steel Magnolias
Amadeus                                                               Toronto, Mississippi
Shirley Valentine                                                   Oleanna
The Wild Guys

1996/1997 –                                                         1997/1998 –
Lend me a Tenor                                               The Diviners
Amigo’s Blue Guitar                                          The Garage Sale
The Melville Boys                                               If We Were Women
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest                  Biloxi Blues

1998/1999 –                                                        1999/2000 –
Delphic Orioles                                                  A Streetcar Named Desire
A Christmas Carol                                            Greetings!
I had a Job I liked Once                                    Western Edition
The Foreigner                                                    The Foursome & Wild Guys (Rep)

2000/2001 –                                                      2001/2002 –
Ten Lost Years                                                   The Miracle Worker
A Guide to Mourning                                       Ethan Claymore
The Drawer Boy                                                Dancock’s Dance
Table Manners and Round and Round        On Golden Pond

2002/2003 –                                                      2003/2004 –
Sylvia                                                                   Vinci
1949                                                                    Corker
Brindley Town                                                   Proof
Over the River through the Woods               Lend me a Tenor and Born Yesterday

2004/2005 –                                                      2005/2006 –
Generations                                                      Dogbarked
The Kite                                                              Portia White
Other People’s Money                                     Invisibility of Eileen
Here on the Flight Path                                   Lost in Yonkers

2006/2007 –                                                      2007/2008 –
Leading Ladies                                                  The Slip Knot
Powers and Gloria                                            The Rez Sisters
Glass Menagerie                                               Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad
Love List                                                             The Kitchen Witches

2008/2009 –                                                      2009/2010 –
The Number 14                                                  Mesa
A Christmas Carol                                              All Shook Up
How it Works                                                      Thy Neighbors Wife
Sexy Laundry                                                      A Nice Family Gathering

Artistic Producer Samantha MacDonald

2010/2011 –                                                       2011/2012 –
I, Claudia                                                           Becky’s New Car
Ivor Johnson’s Neighbors                              Home Ice
Doubt                                                                The Clockmaker
Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun                          Brighton Beach Memoirs

2012/2013 –                                                       2013/2014 –

That Summer                                                    Letters from Wingfield Farm
Henry and Alice                                                Buddy (The Buddy Holly Story)
Joyful Noise                                                       Where the Blood Mixes
Privilege                                                             Bemused
Artistic Director Jack Grinhaus

2014/2015 –
Billy Bishop Goes to War
The Patron Saint of Stanley Park
The Black Bonspiel
The Secret Mask

2015/2016 –                                                        2016/17 –
Mainstage –                                                         Mainstage
ART                                                                      Fly Me to the Moon
A Christmas Carol                                              Alice in Wonderland
Dreary and Izzy                                                 The Drowning Girls
Girl in the Goldfish Bowl                                   Half Life
Presentation Series –                                         Presentation Series
Tale of A Town                                                    Isitwendam
Where the Wild Things Are (TYA)                  Munsch Upon a Time (TYA)

2017/18 –                                                           2018/19 –
Mainstage –                                                       Mainstage
Jake’s Gift                                                           Fish Eyes
It’s a Wonderful Life: Radio Play                    Million Dollar Quartet
Hedda Noir                                                       The Occupation of Heather Rose
The Best Brothers                                            Meet My Sister!
Presentation Series –                                        Presentation Series –
Painting the Streets                                          Jack and the Bean (TYA)
Robinson Crusoe and Friday (TYA)