Artistic Director Ted Price

1994/1995 –                                                          1995/1996 –
Heather Rose                                                        Steel Magnolias
Amadeus                                                               Toronto, Mississippi
Shirley Valentine                                                   Oleanna
The Wild Guys

1996/1997 –                                                         1997/1998 –
Lend me a Tenor                                               The Diviners
Amigo’s Blue Guitar                                          The Garage Sale
The Melville Boys                                               If We Were Women
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest                  Biloxi Blues

1998/1999 –                                                        1999/2000 –
Delphic Orioles                                                  A Streetcar Named Desire
A Christmas Carol                                            Greetings!
I had a Job I liked Once                                    Western Edition
The Foreigner                                                    The Foursome & Wild Guys (Rep)

2000/2001 –                                                      2001/2002 –
Ten Lost Years                                                   The Miracle Worker
A Guide to Mourning                                       Ethan Claymore
The Drawer Boy                                                Dancock’s Dance
Table Manners and Round and Round        On Golden Pond

2002/2003 –                                                      2003/2004 –
Sylvia                                                                   Vinci
1949                                                                    Corker
Brindley Town                                                   Proof
Over the River through the Woods               Lend me a Tenor and Born Yesterday

2004/2005 –                                                      2005/2006 –
Generations                                                      Dogbarked
The Kite                                                              Portia White
Other People’s Money                                     Invisibility of Eileen
Here on the Flight Path                                   Lost in Yonkers

2006/2007 –                                                      2007/2008 –
Leading Ladies                                                  The Slip Knot
Powers and Gloria                                            The Rez Sisters
Glass Menagerie                                               Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad
Love List                                                             The Kitchen Witches

2008/2009 –                                                      2009/2010 –
The Number 14                                                  Mesa
A Christmas Carol                                              All Shook Up
How it Works                                                      Thy Neighbors Wife
Sexy Laundry                                                      A Nice Family Gathering

Artistic Producer Samantha MacDonald

2010/2011 –                                                       2011/2012 –
I, Claudia                                                           Becky’s New Car
Ivor Johnson’s Neighbors                              Home Ice
Doubt                                                                The Clockmaker
Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun                          Brighton Beach Memoirs

2012/2013 –                                                       2013/2014 –

That Summer                                                    Letters from Wingfield Farm
Henry and Alice                                                Buddy (The Buddy Holly Story)
Joyful Noise                                                       Where the Blood Mixes
Privilege                                                             Bemused
Artistic Director Jack Grinhaus

2014/2015 –
Billy Bishop Goes to War
The Patron Saint of Stanley Park
The Black Bonspiel
The Secret Mask

2015/2016 –                                                        2016/17 –
Mainstage –                                                         Mainstage
ART                                                                      Fly Me to the Moon
A Christmas Carol                                              Alice in Wonderland
Dreary and Izzy                                                 The Drowning Girls
Girl in the Goldfish Bowl                                   Half Life
Presentation Series –                                         Presentation Series
Tale of A Town                                                    Isitwendam
Where the Wild Things Are (TYA)                  Munsch Upon a Time (TYA)

2017/18 –                                                           2018/19 –
Mainstage –                                                       Mainstage
Jake’s Gift                                                           Fish Eyes
It’s a Wonderful Life: Radio Play                    Million Dollar Quartet
Hedda Noir                                                       The Occupation of Heather Rose
The Best Brothers                                            Meet My Sister!
Presentation Series –                                        Presentation Series –
Painting the Streets                                          Jack and the Bean (TYA)
Robinson Crusoe and Friday (TYA)



Dracula the Bloody Truth

Ring of Fire: The Johnny Cash Story

Drowning Girls

Stones in his Pockets (cancelled due to Covid 19)


Cancelled due to Covid 19



The Marvellous Wonderettes


Mom’s the Word



Becoming Dr. Ruth

Always… Patsy Cline

The Shoplifters

Where You Are