Theatre Audition Basics for Actors – Workshop Information

Date: Sunday March 6th
Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm / 90 minutes
Location: Theatre NorthWest
Cost/how to sign up: Free/Fill out the form below
Theatre NorthWest is pleased to offer this Audition Basics for Theatre Actors workshop in conjunction with our general auditions happening March 13th. This is a terrific opportunity for actors to familiarize themselves with the audition process and to assist in calming those nerves that show up during audition time! The workshop will be taught by two of our Artistic Associates, Anna Russell and Melissa Glover.
What to Bring to the Workshop: Please bring a notebook and a pen/pencil.
Recommended additional materials: A selection of monologues/sheet music that you have used in the past or want to use for future auditions.
What the workshop will cover:
  • How do I get an audition?
  • What do I need to audition?
  • What can I expect when I arrive at an audition?
  • How and what should I prepare?
  • How to select the best material.
  • What should I wear?
  • How to format a theatrical resume.
  • What makes a great headshot?